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The Ruby-Leif

Label: Kikapu
Press & Reviews
(Released: 10/2007)

"Clearly melodic, clearly experimental, clearly beautiful but also abstract - I never thought a mix-up like this would work, but William made it work. A first-class audio experience!" --Stratophera

1. Sunwire
2. Hakea
3. Umber
4. Cairn
5. The Ruby-Leif

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Label: Gears of Sand
Press & Reviews
(Released: 5/2006)

"Introspective, ambient and crystalline, William Fields has produced a unique sound that transcends its digital origins - emotive and compelling." --Morpheus Music Review

1. indra
2. fwoado
3. nama (b)
4. floatingpoint
5. brechia (erosion)
6. coretone
7. seaglass
8. doux
9. hivernal
10. coda

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Release Artwork


Label: Hippocamp
(Released: 5/2005)

1. Test Intro
2. Sakai
3. Jellyfish (Seed)
4. Lila
5. Loopshift2
6. Bulb
7. Miss Waldron's Red Colobus
8. Radial
9. Falcor (Spectral Remix)
10. Brechia (Live)
11. Samatha
12. Small Glimmer
13. Jellyfish
14. The Warm Space
15. Velum
16. Colors

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Release Artwork


(Released: 12/2000)

1. Rangzen
2. Carlson
3. Manitou
4. Untitled (2000)
5. Searchlight Needles
6. Twenty Four
7. Oroborous

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Release Artwork


Album: Oh Come All ye Earsnake
Label: earSnake
(Released: 12/2008)

1. Schedryk


Release Artwork


Album: Root of Sine vol 2
Label: Audiobulb
(Released: 7/2005)

1. Watermark


Release Artwork

Release Form

Album: Vibon 2: Blip-Pop Click
Label: tbtmo
(Released: 2/2003)

1. Release Form


Release Artwork

Solitare Eve

Album: Walking on Pennsylvania Avenue
Label: Open Source Music
(Released: 10/2000)

1. Solitare Eve feat. K. Ravi


Release Artwork


Album: CloudWatch: A Soundtrack to a Freeform Gathering V2
Label: Sonic Soul Recordings
(Released: 4/2000)

1. Lamentation



Release Artwork

Otherworldly (William Fields remix)

Album: Hutch Demouilpied - Otherness
Label: Entropy Records
(Released: 1/2012)

1. Hutch Demouilpied - Otherworldly (William Fields remix)


Release Artwork

Wick Effect (William Fields remix)

Album: Gemini Wolf - Rare But Serious Effects
Label: earSnake
(Released: 3/2010)

1. Gemini Wolf - Wick Effect (William Fields remix)


Release Artwork

High & Outside (William Fields remix)

Album: MALL 2012. 215 Remixes
Label: tbtmo
(Released: 2/2002)

1. High & Outside (William Fields remix)


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William Fields (b. 1977) has been creating electronic music for almost 20 years – from textural ambience to hard-driving dance tracks, and everything in-between. He recognizes no boundaries of genre or style, always exploring the vast potential afforded by making music with computers. He is also a student of sound and acoustics, working to present the music in its best possible light.

William has released music on various record labels around the world such as: Audiobulb, Gears of Sand, earSnake, Hippocamp, tbtmo, and Kikapu. He has performed and DJ'd throughout the northeastern USA and Canada at events of various scales: from bars and small clubs to festivals with thousands of people. His composition Indra was featured – and choreographed for modern dance – at the 2006 International Computer Music Conference.

William is based in Wilmington, DE, just outside of Philadelphia, PA, USA.


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